Innovator Track: Start-up For Profit

Fast Pitch 2020
Community Choice Award Runner Up

Meet the Speaker

Mackenzie Andrews

What inspires you most about the work you do?

"I am a widow who earns less than $40000 and am trying to stay in my house.”

"I'm spending more than I can afford on drops to save my eyesight.”

"She was constantly fearful that she would run out of her eyedrops.”

Real people faced with devastating decisions like choosing whether to pay their rent or maintain their vision, all because their eyedrops are too big. Do I wake up every morning thinking about eyedrop bottle designs? No. I wake up thinking about the millions of people who are unable to afford healthcare, locally and globally, forced to sacrifice their long term health for their immediate livelihood. I am inspired by the gross inequity faced by some of our most vulnerable patient populations. I am inspired to solve real problems with innovative solutions.

Everyone has a vision for tomorrow, healthcare should ensure access to that vision, not come between it.

How can someone engage or get involved with your organization/mission?

Go in for an eye exam and ask about being screened for glaucoma! Awareness is the first step to change. If you or a loved one is on chronic eye-drops, talk to your doctor about incorporating Nanodropper into your eye-care routine to reduce medical waste, save money, and improve treatment outcomes.

Learn more about Nanodropper

Nanodropper is increasing access to vision saving medications for millions of people. Current packaging of prescription eyedrops wastes medication by producing oversized drops that are up to 5 times the capacity of the human eye. With high-end medications like those for glaucoma costing up to $500 per bottle, this waste contributes to an enormous financial barrier-to-care faced by those who are inadequately insured. Additionally, patients often miss their eye during medication instillation; 25% of patients chronically run out of their drops before insurance will cover their next refill. Without an alternative, patients are only left with two choices: to pay out-of-pocket for their medications or to not adhere to their treatment plan, knowing that each missed dose contributes to their irreversible vision loss. To ensure that nobody has to face this devastating choice, our team designed the Nanodropper: an FDA-listed, award-winning adapter for eye-drop medication bottles that creates smaller and more efficacious droplets to extend bottle-life, decrease cost, and ultimately increase access to vision-saving medications.