Innovator Track: Start-up Nonprofit

Meet the Speaker

Deepthi Chandra

What inspires you most about the work you do?

Eclipsnotes supports teens working for social change through by teens, for teens leadership training, events, and an online media platform. The most exciting part about Eclipsnotes is the ripple effect of inspiring teens to use their potential for social good. Empowered by a supportive community of young people, participants in our programs report feeling that they finally have a voice and can speak about systemic problems in their communities. Many even start their own initiatives and projects to support social causes! These teens then inspire countless other teens and revolutionize the dynamic of social change in our society, turning would-be bystanders into active participants in reforming societal systems. The work is meaningful because we can make sure young people do not believe that they are replaceable cogs in a wheel to success. Instead, they can contribute their unique talents to gun reform, LGBTQ+ activism, climate justice, or any other grassroots movement they are passionate about.

How can someone engage or get involved with your organization/mission?

You can learn about or share a teen’s story at We have partnered with eleven schools and hosted community events for over 500 youth in urban and rural areas across Washington. To support our programming efforts, you can also connect us with teachers or youth leaders interested in events by emailing Our goal is to expand to ten states by the end of 2021. To make this possible, text to donate to us at the SVP Final Showdown.

Learn more about Eclipsnotes

Eclipsnotes is a by teens, for teens nonprofit that provides support networks and leadership training programs for young people passionate about working for social change. We partner with high school classrooms, providing videos about teen change-makers’ stories and strategies, discussion questions, and sample lesson plans—all channeling the power of teen voice for media-based real-world applications. With eleven school partnerships so far, we have impacted thousands of students. We also host community events targeted towards teens heavily impacted by social issues but not heard. Through our online media platform with over ten thousand users, we provide a network for teen change-makers across the nation to learn from each other & find ways to get involved.