Meet your Fast Pitch Hosts

Nikki GaNE

Meet Nikki. Nikki Gane is the Founder & Executive Director of Dignity for Divas as well as the 2018 Fast Pitch Winner.

Inspired by her own experience with homelessness, Nikki felt moved to help other vulnerable women during a frightening and devastating time in their lives. Nikki started Dignity for Divas in 2012 to restore hope and dignity to women experiencing homelessness. Reminding them they matter and reconnecting them with their “Inner Diva.” Dignity for Divas also supports and encourages women transitioning from being homeless as they walk the path toward a self-sustaining life.

Paul Shoemaker

Meet Paul. Paul Shoemaker is the Founding President of Social Venture Partners International—a global network of thousands of social innovators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and business and community leaders that fund and support social change agents in over 40 cities and 8 countries.

Paul’s book “Can’t Not Do” hit the shelves in 2015 and was an instant success. Following its publication, Paul launched a national book tour motivating listeners to be the change and encourage social drive.

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