Soccer without borders

Innovator Track: Start-up Nonprofit

Meet the Speaker

Stephanie Arroyo

What inspires you most about the work you do?

I grew up with my friends and family struggling as they learned how to navigate the U.S. immigration system. From a young age, I knew it was my responsibility to support them however I could. Early on that meant translating but as time went by, I began applying my passion of health to helping immigrant communities become healthier. Now whenever we get a win at SWB, whether that be English vocabulary development or graduating high school, we celebrate the process even if it’s not the end goal. While my personal experience is what brought me to SWB, every win is the inspiration that keeps me coming back to the work that I love with a community I’ve always cared for.

How can someone engage or get involved with your organization/mission?

If you are interested in joining SWB’s community in any capacity, we have a spot for you!

Long term opportunities are available for assistant coaching and as a bridging community’s mentor. If a drop-in schedule works best, we have short term opportunities like driving, laundry help, and are even on the lookout for someone with storage space! For folks interested in supporting us financially, consider joining us as an ambassador where you can fundraise money, run equipment drives or simply donate on our webpage!

There is no wrong way to engage with SWB regardless if you are 16 or 61. If you have 6 extra hours a week or 1, there is always something you can do to stay engaged!

Learn more about Soccer without Borders

At Soccer Without Borders we use soccer as a bridge to connect to newcomer immigrant youth ages 11-21 and across all genders. We provide cost free soccer programming to form connections towards developing confidence, healthy bodies and healthy minds. Our coaches create safe spaces for youth using a trauma informed approach to help develop not only their soccer skills but also their individuality as they create a family in a new space away from home.