Defy Ventures

Innovator Track: Start-up Nonprofit

Meet the Speaker

Leo Novsky

What inspires you most about the work you do?

I am most inspired by the amazing transformations that our incarcerated Entrepreneurs-in-Training make through their intensive 10-month program journey. Time and time again they dig deep and discover forgiveness, accountability and hope for the future. They are truly defying the odds!

How can someone engage or get involved with your organization/mission?

1. Volunteer: we regularly bring in volunteer mentors to prison in order to support our students in employment readiness, entrepreneurship, and personal development. If you are an experienced entrepreneur, business professional, employer or purpose-driven individual, please apply to come in first for one of our 4 day-long events we host each year at

2. Give: this important work cannot go on without support from donors. It currently costs $2,200 to complete and graduate an individual EIT through the 10-month program. If you believe in this work, we would so appreciate your support at

3. Learn: To learn more about Defy Ventures Washington please reach us at

Learn more about Defy Ventures

Defy Ventures works inside Washington state prisons to help the currently incarcerated transform their hustle in legal and marketable ways. We provide our Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EITs) with super intense, no-bull, life-transforming, MBA-like education, executive coaching, mentoring, character development and career opportunities to unlock their untapped human potential behind the prison walls and beyond.