Sanctuary Arts Center

Innovator Track: Established Nonprofit

Meet the Speaker

Troy Carter

What inspires you most about the work you do?

I am continually inspired by artwork our youth create on a daily basis. Whether it is a simple line drawing or a full scale theatrical production I love seeing the look in their eyes when they share something they are proud of. I also really enjoy being part of the creative journey, giving hands on help or advice on how they can make their vision come to fruition is just as important as the final product. The power of artistic expression is an amazing agent for changing how these young folks view themselves and the world they live in and I am just happy to be part of the ride.

Much like the journey our youth take during the creative process, all of the members of the Social Venture Fast Pitch are part of something special. I am looking forward to watching all of the hard work pay off as a new audience gets to see these amazing speakers and the programs they represent.

How can someone engage or get involved with your organization/mission?

Join Our Volunteer Team- Program volunteers work directly with the youth and young adults on various projects. No artistic skill is needed just a desire to participate, learn and explore the creative process.

Donate- Individual donations make up 20% of our annual budget. They provide meals and program supplies for hundreds of youth each year.

Buy Some T-Shirts- We provide silk screen garment printing for orders both large and small. You can submit a quote online at

Learn more about Sanctuary Arts Center

The Sanctuary Art Center is a collection of art studios designed to connect homeless and under-served youth populations with employment internships and artistic programs is a variety of creative disciplines. Our goal is to educate and empower young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds so they may reach their fullest potential. We view creativity as a basic need. Many of the youth we encounter have experienced significant trauma. Art gives them the opportunity to explore their issues in an indirect manner, providing a less aggressive path toward healing.