Fast Pitch wouldn’t be possible without the help of all of mentors and coaches who work behind the scenes to get the Innovators primed for the Final Showdown. Meet some of the Fast Pitch coaches that are donating their time, skill, and insight to amplify the voice of the 2020 cohort.

Pamela Oakes |Abundance of Hope – Coach

She is the Managing Director of The Profitable Nonprofit, is a Fund Development expert helping small and emerging nonprofits achieve funding sustainability. Having worked successfully with organizations, nonprofits, foundations, universities, government and community organizations around the world, Pamela has personally underwritten/approved millions of dollars in grants and awards.

Reed Atkin |One Health Clinic – Coach

He has a track record of successfully launching and growing businesses in the consumer services, e-commerce, and b2b spaces. He has served as the founding CEO of two start-ups and has raised millions of dollars of equity, debt, and grants during his career. He routinely translates macro industry, consumer, and economic trends into actionable initiatives with a keen eye on KPIs. Most recently Reed has served as a consultant to mission-driven organizations seeking to bring innovative models to market.

Jocelyn Wen-Ting Hsieh |Sanctuary Arts Center – Coach

She is a marketer by passion and a builder at heart. Her biggest asset is the ability to apply the customer mindset to the product at hand via an analytical approach. She has been successful in her career as a marketing consultant and product manager in both Consumer Packaged Goods and Tech industries. Inspired by the dynamic entrepreneurial environment here in Seattle, she decided to join SVP as a coach and give back to the community she fell in love with!

Nathan Rosenbaum | Sawhorse Revolution – Coach

He is originally from Houston, but has embraced life in Seattle, having lived here for 25 years. His work experience includes close to two decades in the tech industry locally, with Microsoft and Amazon, and a stint as a corporate banker with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce for about ten years. Currently, Nathan is investing in apartment buildings on his own in WA state, and loving the challenge. His holdings include a landmarked 1928 building in Seattle’s U District, designed by noted designer, Fred Anhalt, as well as a 19 unit building in Tacoma built in 1918, currently being renovated. Nathan has been active on several local boards, including World Affairs Council and Pangea.

Mary Joyce | Space Between – Coach

She is the Founder and Principal of Do Big Good, an impact measurement firm that seeks to transform the efficacy of social change work. She has over a decade’s experience as a researcher in digital tech and social change, including being named a Graduate Research Fellow by the National Science Foundation and serving as New Media Operations Manager for President Obama’s 2008 campaign.

Dirk Van Velzen | Defy Ventures WA- Coach

Dirk Van Velzen is passionate about prisoner education. While incarcerated, he earned degrees from Penn State. Seeing that others would walk a similar path, Dirk founded the Prison Scholar Fund and from behind bars supported 110 other incarcerated students. Only 4% of the 76 released students have been reincarcerated, compared to a national recidivism rate of 68%.

Renee Metty | Soccer without Borders - Coach

With 20 plus years of experience working with individuals, teams and organizations in high pressure situations, Renee is skillful at facilitating change with ease and making the seemingly impossible possible. She founded a mindfulness-based preschool in West Seattle in 2010 and has since transitioned to working with individuals, teams and organizations as an Executive Coach, Leadership Development Consultant and Facilitator using mindfulness as the lens. She works in partnership with schools, districts and organizations identifying needs, providing a gap analysis, and offering solutions to support alignment and sustainability with their vision and values.

Thank you to all of our Fast Pitch coaches and mentors –

Pamela O.

Bobby K.

Ashley R.

Corey L.

Amy N.

Carmen F.

Jo Ellen B.

Tanja O.

Michael B.

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